The Grog-Filled Gospel According To Captain Hellfire (1,1)

Ahoy shipmates! Gather round fer the debut sermon from your friendly neighbourhood pirate!

So, by way of introduction and fer them's that don't know, (which I presume that be the vast majority of ye) me name is Captain Hellfire.

Without a doubt, I'm sure to be the weirdest pirate captain ya could ever hope to know, and despite the rum guzzling, wenching and plundering you'd expect, I somehow managed to finish creating the first chapter of a video game, entitled Bloodbeard's Revenge. 

Well, ye may be expectin' me to take a load off, spend me hard earned on a big old barrel o' rum and settle down 'til the gold runs out...
But nay! Not this pirate!!!

Instead I sailed off on me maiden voyage to the Cook Islands, Rarotonga, to be exact, and there I set about collecting a bunch o' backdrops fer round 2 of the game.

Now to be clear, me game uses that mind-blowing technology, you know the one they call them digitised graphics... So through mind-melting voodoo that a man from the 18th century has barely a chance to comprehend, the tropical islands, me mangy crew, me mortal enemies, and all the strange beasties we've encountered are all captured in a digital world fer all ye shipmates to experience!

Chapter 2 be raising the stakes tenfold, more enemies, more combos, more big breasted mermaids (and shiver me timbers, we set the bar high for them in Chapter 1), it's all the things ye could ever hope to see and experience of the pirate life!

So anyway I'll be sure to tell ye the tale of me time on Rarotonga, in the next issue of The Grog-Filled Gospel According To Captain Hellfire! 

Here be a wee selection of the graven images I managed to obtain, be sure to check in fer sermon two, shipmates!

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